Who are your clients?

We work with people who have at least one of three characteristics. They don’t have the time, compelling interest, or expertise to develop a financial plan and implement successful wealth management strategies, so they choose to seek professional help. Ourclients include families, baby boomers, retirees, and small business owners, as well as fiduciaries and trustees. Many of our clients are referred to us by others who are pleased with the quality of services we deliver.

How do you work?

As a fee-based investment advisor, our advisor offers a complimentary initial meeting  to prospective clients. At that time a broad picture of client's current financial situation, their goals and concerns. We explain how to work and describe the services offered. Together the clients and advisor determine the potential to work together in a partnership of mutual trust and understanding.

Following meetings are devoted to developing a personalized financial plan based on the client’s short and long term goals and core values. We examine all aspects of the client’s financial life: current assets, retirement plans, pensions, insurance protection and anticipated income, expenditures and savings. Based on the client’s particular circumstances and risk tolerance, We structure a plan that includes an asset allocation design and wealth and risk management strategies.

At the minimum we meet with advisory clients once a year to review their plan and current asset allocation. I am happy to meet with clients more often at their request or will initiate meetings periodically.

Do you specialize in one certain area of financial planning?

We have had extensive training and experience in the areas of financial planning, portfolio analysis, asset allocation design, investment, and retirement and estate planning, along with tax saving strategies for wealth accumulation and preservation. Our primary focus is working with individuals, family businesses and families who are seeking to maximize their financial resources, build and preserve their nest egg for long-term retirement security, save for their children or grandchildren’s college education, and protect financial resources in order to pass wealth to family members or favorite charities.

 Are you required to use proprietary products?

No. As independent registered represntatives, we are not required to sell proprietary products to clients. Our clients’ best interests are at the heart of our practice. Our focus is to develop a strategy based on the client’s goals and core values and then select and recommend products that most accurately correlate to the needs of our clients. When appropriate for a client, we do at times recommend ING products. However, we are under no obligation to do so.

Do you have an account minimum?

No.  We  willingly work with individuals and families who are committed to financial planning and wealth accumulation.

How do you get paid?

Compensation is determined on a case by case basis, which may include a fee for the initial comprehensive financial plan and/or a flat percentage fee of assets under management thereafter. Certain recommendations  to be implemented may include commission based products.